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Videos : Silicone Dublisil 22 Plus 1+1 kg PROMOTION

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Silicone Dublisil 22 Plus 1+1 kg PROMOTION

Duplicating silicone. hardness 22 acc. Shore - A. Red color.

Dublisil 22 Plus is a universal silicone for duplicating models in all prosthetic works. It is distinguished from others by its excellent mechanical properties, e.g. very high tear resistance. With proper handling during mixing and pouring (a thin stream of silicone) we can get a perfectly duplicated model. The cast molds are completely free of shrinkage, and the remarkable consistency and exceptionally long shelf life of the models have been achieved thanks to the use of platinum as one of the components of Dublisil 22 Plus.

The mold can be poured many times without losing the precision of the negative. The surface of the duplicated model is smooth and hard without any deformation or deviation.


  • Very high tear resistance 250%.
  • Resistance to deformation 99.6%
  • Easy to mix.
  • Excellent fluidity.
  • Perfect reproduction of details.
  • Long-term dimensional stability and resistance to deformation.
  • Compatible with all types of gypsum, polyurethane resins, molding sands and acrylic resins.

Technical data:**

  • Mixing time: 45 seconds (+/- 15 seconds).
  • Setting time: 5 minutes (+/- 1 minute).
  • Model release time 25 min (+/- 5 min).

It is recommended to mix and duplicate at room temperature 23 °C and air humidity of about 50%.


  • 1kg + 1kg.

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