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UP3D UP560 prosthetic scanner **Fair Price Hits**

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UP3D UP560 prosthetic scanner **Fair Price Hits**

Ultra-fast scanner with unrivaled accuracy with two 3.0 MP cameras that allow for efficient work and effective scanning:

  • Traditional models.
  • Split models.
  • Models intended for wireframe work (scanning real textures)
  • Models with kk (scan body) cartridges.
  • Full arch models with implants in one scanning cycle.
  • Impressions.
  • Models placed in the articulator (Virtual Articulator)
  • Models captured in hand-held occlusion

The UP560 scanner is the successor to the UP360+ model. The use of 2 independently operating cameras with a resolution of 3.0 MP and a high number of frames per second allows for faster capture of a much clearer image than cameras in competitive scanners with lower parameters. Placing cameras high above the model at an appropriate angle allows for effective scanning of models and impressions, even with undercuts, without "blind spots" and underscanned elements. The built-in automatic detection of the preparation boundary significantly speeds up the design process.


  • Full arc scan: 15s
  • Scanning 12 bars: 17s
  • Impression scanning: 35s
  • All-in-one 21s scanning
  • Cameras: Dual 3.0MP (High Frequency)
  • Automatic detection of the preparation border
  • Accuracy: <6 microns
  • Light: blue + multi color
  • Interface: USB 3.0

The scanner can be purchased in 3 configurations:

  • Only with scanning software
  • With EXOCAD scanning and design software
  • With scanning software and UPCAD design software


  • ul. Wojskowa 3/L4 60-792 Poznań,

  • Possibility of free presentation of the scanner in your workshop/office.

  • Call us: +48 603 804 204 or +48 530 596 166

Product Code: 9501
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UP3D UP560 prosthetic scanner **Fair Price Hits**

5,731.05€ +vat8,998.21€

7,049.19€ incl tax

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