CNC milling machines in dental technology The design stage usually ends with the final prosthetic work. Currently, various types of milling devices are used. Depending on the needs of the user, the machine is qualified in terms of:

  • the number of working axles - usually 3 or 5,
  • type of processed material,
  • spindle power and machine weight.

The number of axes used affects the quality of the machined surface and the cut solid. In technical terminology, the X axis is distinguished - moving the working field to the right and left, the Y axis - moving forward and backward, the Z axis - lifting to the height and the AB axis, i.e. turning the working area by 180 degrees. In the case of 5-axis machines, we also deal with the angular deviation of the working field, which increases the possibility of cutting in undercuts. Of course, not all prosthetic works require full 5-axis machining. A simple element without angular diversion, e.g. an implant abutment hole, can be easily cut in a 3-axis machine.

In the case of complex implantological works with different directions of insertion of fastening screws, more and more popular full-contour crowns require processing in 5 axes. Therefore, the choice of the machine is dictated by the scope of work to be performed. As mentioned, an important parameter is the type of material that will be milled in our machine. In this case, two subgroups can be distinguished:

  • milling of soft materials, such as pre-sinterized zirconium oxide or CoCr alloy, leucite ceramics, wax, PMMA or new generation materials called hybrid,
  • milling of metal alloys: CoCr and titanium.

The first group does not require machines with a rigid and heavy structure. The rotary range of the spindles used is 150–800 watts. Usually these are cutting machines without water cover. Users who want to machine materials from the group of leucite ceramics or partially sintered ceramics (EMAX) will need machines that operate in a full water jacket. Ceramics is a material with amazing thermal insulation parameters, but too much heat accumulation generated during the friction of a diamond tool may cause local overheating and flaking of the material. The coolants used are usually a mixture of water and organic fluids that give the cutting tool a slight glide, do not discolor and do not chemically adhere to the material being processed.

Hard metal milling requires rigid machines weighing more than 500 kg. The larger and heavier the machine, the easier it is to overcome the resistance of milling. It is important, especially when performing works with an accuracy of 2 μm (implant connectors). Any deviation during machining due to vibrations in the structure causes dimensional distortion. In the most technologically advanced machines, it is required to place the machine on a specially prepared surface with the ideal operating temperature of 21 ± 2 ° C. It should be remembered that the friction generates a high temperature, partially reduced by coolant or compressed air, which should not be increased by the ambient temperature. In precision machine tools, attention is drawn to the possibility of thermal expansion of both the spindle and the cutting tools themselves. Therefore, professional refrigerator solutions work similarly to home refrigerators.

Product Code:: 12550
Up3D P53 zirconium milling machine - test for free - call our representative!

17,311.07€ +vat

21,292.62€ incl tax

Up3D P53 zirconium milling machine - test for free - call our representative!

P53, is a new UP3D intelligent dental milling machine, can mill 44 crowns at a time. A fully intelligent machine will help you save 35% of materials.

Functionalities: - fully integrated control software from UP3D UPCAM, with a lifetime free license and updates, ensures reliable and safe operation of the device, and full control over the quality of work performed - the system of automatic continuation of work from the moment it is interrupted at any time, allows to increase efficiency up to 80%

  • automatic integrated lift start

  • tool life sensor

  • type 98.5 disk holder (open system) - built into the machine as standard,

  • crescent-type disc holder allows for maximum use of the material, supports milling at an angle of 90 degrees

  • automatic calibration

Application: crowns, bridges, frameworks, work on implants, complete dentures,

The device mills soft materials: zircon, wax, PEEK, PMMA, gypsum

Product specification:

  • Weight 79 kg
  • Dimensions 443.5 x 718 x 628.5 cm
  • 800 W power
  • 520W spindle power
  • Number of controlled axes 5
  • Tool magazine 11 pieces
  • Material PEEK, PMMA, Sintermetal, Zirconium oxide (Zr), Wax
  • Wet work No.
  • Spindle speed 60 0000 rpm
  • CAD / CAM material warehouse. Manual
  • Axis Drive Stepper Motor
  • Chuck diameter 4 mm

COMMERCIAL INFORMATION / CONTACT: ul. Wojskowa 3 / L4 60-792 Poznań, Possibility of free presentation of the scanner in your studio / office. Call us: +48 603 804 204 or +48 530 596 166


  • 1 piece

Product Code: 12550
Brands Up3D
Up3D P53 zirconium milling machine - test for free - call our representative!

17,311.07€ +vat

21,292.62€ incl tax

Product Code:: 12982
PI Dental Cobra 4 milling machine
Pi Dental

15,614.94€ +vat20,432.31€

19,206.38€ incl tax

PI Dental Cobra 4 milling machine

Compact zirconium milling machine


  • 4 axes
  • high accuracy / 0.0015 mm /
  • spindle of the renowned Jaeger company
  • ease of use through the LCD display
  • touchpad
  • import of STL files with PiCAM software
  • pneumatic tool change
  • easy to clean
  • built-in PC (in housing)
  • no annual or license fees

Materials that can be milled:

  • zirconium
  • PMMA
  • wax
  • gypsum

Technical data:

  • drill size - 3mm
  • compressed air connection - 6 bar, min 50 l / min
  • 3 + 1 axes
  • accuracy - 0.02 mm
  • dimensions (width, height, depth) - 530 x 520 x 500 mm
  • speed - 60,000 1 / min.
  • weight - 70 kg
  • electric network frequency - 50 Hz
  • rated power - 230 V


1 piece

Product Code: 12982
Brands Pi Dental
PI Dental Cobra 4 milling machine

15,614.94€ +vat20,432.31€

19,206.38€ incl tax

Product Code:: 12983
PI Dental 5-axis wet and dry Cobra 6 milling machine with PiCam software
Pi Dental

25,354.61€ +vat

31,186.17€ incl tax

PI Dental 5-axis wet and dry Cobra 6 milling machine with PiCam software

The most accurate and fastest milling machine for zirconium and other materials. Thanks to the built-in PC and the camera inside the chamber, the control of the device is very simple and intuitive. Enables milling from most materials available on the market.


  • Dry milling: zircon, CoCr, PMMA, wax, composite, plaster, peek
  • Wet milling: titanium, CoCr, glass ceramics, lithium disilicate (IPS.e.max CAD)
  • Milling possibility: open system (diameter 98.5); Zirkonzahn system diameter 95: AmannGirrbach, multi-block abutment system (premilla connectors), IPS CAD blocks
  • 5 axis control: simultaneous (simultaneous)
  • User interface: built-in PC, 8 inch touch screen
  • Milling accuracy: <0.01mm
  • "A" axis tilt angle +/- 30 degrees
  • Rotation range for "B" axis 360 degrees
  • Tool magazine capacity: up to 30 tools in 5 interchangeable magazines (6 tools / magazine)
  • Spindle: Jeager High Speed Spindle (500W; 60000RPM; Hybrid Ceramic Bearings)
  • Cutter holder diameter: 3/4 mm
  • Requires compressed air: clean, dry, 6 bar, max. 50 L / min
  • Extract: external
  • Cooling: water tank
  • Dimensions: 530 x 670 x 630 mm
  • Weight: 103kg
  • Power consumption (max): 600W (+ 1500W exhaust)

Product Code: 12983
Brands Pi Dental
PI Dental 5-axis wet and dry Cobra 6 milling machine with PiCam software

25,354.61€ +vat

31,186.17€ incl tax

Product Code:: 14809
Dentatec 1000ml

80.43€ +vat

98.93€ incl tax

Dentatec 1000ml

Fluid for CEREC milling machines.


  • 1000 ml

Product Code: 14809
Dentatec 1000ml

80.43€ +vat

98.93€ incl tax

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