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What is an agar bowl and what is it for?

An agar is a device for melting agar and cooling it to a temperature considered suitable for pouring the mold. In the agar bowl there are stirring wings which mix its contents from time to time, causing all cubes to melt evenly.

After reaching the set temperature, the agar is cooled down to about 42 degrees C. The temperature of 72 degrees C, to which the agar is heated, is too high for the wax that covers the plaster model. Flooding the can with agar at this temperature would dissolve the wax on the plaster model. The temperature of 42 C is considered optimal and does not cause significant wax deformation. Flooding with agar on a dry gypsum model would cause it to soak with water from the agar mass, thus drying the agar and deforming the resulting mold. The model is placed in the can using the same principles as for silicon duplication. The can is then placed under the agar funnel by pointing the tip of the funnel towards the hole in the can, unlocking the drain valve and pouring the agar into the can with a thin stream.

For the same reasons as for silicone, it is advisable to pour the agar mass next to the model. After covering the highest point of the model with a minimum of 1 cm layer of agar, the agar valve should be blocked and the mold should be allowed to cool, it takes from 30 minutes to about an hour, depending on the temperature in the room. After the agar mass has solidified, the plaster model is very gently removed from the mold, using the principle of air admitted under the palate. The final step is to check the quality of the mold and evaluate the work done so far.

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6L Mestra agar

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6L Mestra agar

The Mestra agar mixer is constructed of stainless steel. Thanks to the microprocessor, you can set the time of readiness to work.

External dimensions and technical specifications:

  • Height: 500 mm

  • Width: 320 mm

  • Depth: 320 mm

  • Weight: 15 kg

  • Supply voltage with grounding 230 V, 50/60 Hz

  • Consumption approx .: 700 W

  • RPM speed: 70 to 50 Hz 84-60 Hz.

  • Capacity 6l.


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Product Code: 12428
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6L Mestra agar

2,786.55€ +vat

3,427.46€ incl tax

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