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AnyCubic EcoPrint DLP resin Craftsman 1000g

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AnyCubic EcoPrint DLP resin Craftsman 1000g

Professional UV resin intended for LCD, DLP and SLA printers.

Low shrinkage and dimensional stability during printing guarantee that the final model will be characterized by high precision and clear details.

Anycubic UV resins have a good combination of hardness and ductility, which ensures easy removal of supports and high mechanical strength.

Anycubic DLP Craftsman is a new resin created for DLP printers. Even though the resin was developed for DLP technology, this does not mean that it cannot be used for standard SLA and MSLA printers, as the resin is still cured at a light wavelength of 365 - 405 nm.

The resin has very low shrinkage and incredible precision, thanks to special ingredients such as microcrystalline ceramic powder.

Additionally, Anycubic DLP Craftsman is perfect for quick printing.

NOTE: The product is intended for use only by qualified personnel. Complies with the standard: (EC) No. 1272/2008


  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige

Technical data:

  • Tensile strength: 35-50 MPa
  • Elongation: 8-12%
  • Bending strength: 50-70 MPa
  • Bending modulus: 1200-1600 MPa
  • Shrinkage: 3.72-4.24%
  • Hardness: 82 HD
  • Viscosity: 150-250 mPa*s
  • Density: 1.15-1.20 g/cm3


  • 1 kg

Product Code: 16011
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AnyCubic EcoPrint DLP resin Craftsman 1000g

31.56€ +vat41.30€

38.82€ incl tax

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