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LED shadowless desk lamp. Promotion White color

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LED shadowless desk lamp. Promotion White color

Elegant and economical LED lighting (84 LEDs in two rows) with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination and the distance of the luminaire to the surface to which it is attached. The lamp has a 4-step light intensity adjustment. The state-of-the-art LED diodes used in it, in addition to saving electricity, ensure no flickering light as it is in traditional lamps equipped with fluorescent lamps.

Smooth regulation consists in smooth change of power consumed by diodes in the range of 2.5W-20W.

Equipped with a comfortable pantograph arm, a prosthetic lamp with an additional joint facilitating the optimal positioning of the fluorescent lamp in relation to the workplace.

Installation method to choose:

  • clamp with a clamp (when mounted on the side of the table) - included with the lamp.
  • the cone is attached to the top with screws. (optional to purchase additionally, kod_mikran: 11818


  • dimensions arm length 105 cm
  • color temperature 6000K- 7000K
  • brightness 1100lm.
  • lamp length 54.5 cm
  • width 60 cm
  • height 11 cm
  • white or black.
  • power 230 VAT
  • 2.5W- 20W.
  • White color
  • 3-year warranty!


1 piece.

Product Code: 12860
Brands Mikran.Pl
LED shadowless desk lamp. Promotion White color

69.93€ +vat

86.02€ incl tax

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