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Videos : Repligel PG - agar for duplicating plaster models


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Repligel PG - agar for duplicating plaster models

Repligel PG is an agar mass adapted to duplicate gypsum models. Due to the use of a special recipe, the surface of the cast negative remains dry after binding of the agar and does not react with the plaster model. The material allows you to obtain high-quality duplicated models even with sharp contours and deep undercuts. Repligel PG can be used many times, just like traditional agar - it allows to significantly reduce the costs of duplicating models - we recommend it especially to technicians who work with the method of thermal acetal and nylon injection.


  • The gel should be cut into small pieces (the smaller the better), placed in an agar dish or other melting device. Preheat to 90-95C, stirring constantly. Stirring prevents the formation of lumps and helps to obtain a uniform consistency of the gel. Avoid overheating the gel (cooking) as it causes water evaporation and shortens the life of the product. To minimize water evaporation during heating, keep the agar dish closed. Never add water when melting the agar for the first time.

After melting, the gel must be cooled to 47-48C.

Before duplicating, place the model in warm water for 15-20 minutes to "soak" it.


Prior to multiplication, the model on the surface must be absolutely dry to prevent any water from the plaster surface from reacting with the agar.

The setting time at room temperature is about 1 hour.

After the model is released, the agar should be washed and closed in a container until re-use - this process (washing) also replenishes the water lost during melting. However, add 50-100 ml of water per 6 kg of gel if the gel dries during storage.


  • Accurate mapping of details.
  • Tear-resistant.
  • High durability.
  • Pink color


  • 6kg

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