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Videos : Formlabs resin for the BioMed Durable 1L 3D printer

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Formlabs resin for the BioMed Durable 1L 3D printer

BioMed Durable Resin is a transparent material for biocompatible applications requiring impact, shatter and abrasion resistance.

This USP Class VI material is manufactured in an FDA, ISO 13485 registered facility and can be used in long term skin contact and short term tissue, bone and dentine contact applications.

Resin dedicated to 3D printers from the Form 3B series. is compatible with the Form 3B, Form 3B+ and Form 3BL models and can be used in medical facilities for the production of devices and instrumentation as well as in dental and orthodontic laboratories.

In order for physicians and manufacturers to rely on this new material in contact with patients, Formlabs strictly followed USP Class VI procedures to be certified for use in long-term skin applications (greater than 30 days) and short-term contact with tissue, bone and dentin (less than 24 hours). The Formlabs manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 compliant and strict quality control measures are rigorously adhered to.

Technical data:

  • The highest tensile strength - 29.1 MPa.
  • Modulus of elasticity - .99 GPa.
  • Elongation at break - 33%
  • Impact resistance (Notched Izod) - 98 J/m.


  • 1 liter

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