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Videos : Zetalabor Platinum 85 1kg+1kg

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Zetalabor Platinum 85 1kg+1kg

The first addition silicone developed for prosthetic laboratories. The use of polyvinyl siloxanes facilitates use and allows you to achieve extraordinary results. Platinum is a significant advance in the search for a reliable material. Material in the proportion of ingredients 1:1. Biologically neutral. It is characterized by high initial fluidity and excellent final hardness of 85 ShoreA and exceptionally high heat resistance of 200°C.


  • The proportion of ingredients is 1:1.
  • Biological indifference.
  • Very good liquidity.
  • Excellent final hardness of 85 Shore A.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Extremely high resistance to high temperatures > 200°C.


  • Ease of use.
  • Perfect reproduction of details.
  • Hardness comparable to the hardness of plasters, susceptibility to milling.
  • Linear dimensional variation: - 0.058% after 24 hours
  • No deformation in the polymerization can.


  • Pre-casts when making settling and frame dentures, when repairing dentures and when making the so-called \"artificial gum\" using Gingifast silicone mass.
  • Performing the so-called "counters" in the polymerization box for partial and complete dentures to protect porcelain teeth.
  • Blocking undercuts in complex works.
  • Reproduction of dentures.
  • And many others.

Technical data:

  • Green color
  • Mixing time 30 sec.
  • Total working time 2 min.
  • Setting time 6 min.
  • Shore hardness - A 85
  • Detail reproduction better than 1.5
  • Linear dimension variation - 0.058%
  • Crush deformation less than 1%
  • Material memory 99.5%
  • Heat resistance Over 200°C


  • 1kg + 1kg

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