• Stratogel 3D - Insulator for 100ml 3D models
  • Stratogel 3D - Insulator for 100ml 3D models
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Stratogel 3D - Insulator for 100ml 3D models

Gel, despite its stickiness, spreads easily over the surface and forms a thin layer after drying. STRATOGEL acts as a separating film between the 3D resin and acrylic resin. The product has the right viscosity, effective with just one layer. However, a second layer can be applied when dealing with rougher surfaces (printed models larger than 100 microns). The first layer must be completely dry. The plastic layer is easily removed with water and a brush. STRATOGEL comes off without residue, does not damage acrylic and 3D resin, does not change the properties of resins. It is safe and does not contain any toxic substances.


  • Easy application: a single layer is applied with a brush.
  • Creates a very thin insulating layer.
  • Does not contaminate 3D resin or acrylics.
  • Easily removable with water.

Directions for use:

  • Apply a few drops directly from the bottle to the dry model and spread it evenly with a brush.
  • For quick drying, it is recommended to dry the gel with compressed air at low pressure for 30 seconds, air drying for 30 minutes.


  • 100 ml

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