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Videos : Lysoformina 3000 (Lysoformin) 1l.


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Lysoformina 3000 (Lysoformin) 1l.

Lysoformin 3000 - an aldehyde concentrate for disinfecting and cleaning tools, medical equipment and utensils, and surfaces.


  • Universal preparation for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of all types of endoscope instruments and surfaces.
  • Effective - has a wide spectrum of activity, bactericidal (including TbC), fungicidal and virucidal.
  • Pleasant to use - does not leave stains and residue on disinfected surfaces and objects.
  • It has good washing properties even in the presence of organic impurities (blood, albumin, etc.), has a pleasant smell and is easy to prepare.
  • Mild - it does not damage disinfected tools and surfaces, contains anti-corrosive substances.
  • Efficient concentrate - economical to use.
  • Liquid concentrate - easy preparation of working solutions, for the preparation of which you can use tap water.
  • It has PZH approval and CE certificate.


1 liter bottle of concentrate.

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