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Videos : Izolit SL insulating liquid 1kg of liquid

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Izolit SL insulating liquid 1kg of liquid

Isolit SL is a colloidal solution based on alginic acid salts, stabilized with a bactericidal agent and colored.


  • Intended for insulating the surface of gypsum molds from methacrylate dough.


  • The plaster mold, made in a generally accepted manner, should be thoroughly rinsed with a stream of boiling water to completely remove the modeling wax from it. The ease of spreading the insulating liquid and its proper adhesion to the surface of the mold later depend on the good melting of the wax, therefore this operation should be given special attention. Then, pour IZOLIT SL liquid into a small container and, using a soft brush, coat the surface of the gypsum mold, previously brought to a temperature of approx. 40ºC. After a few minutes, it is advisable to reapply a layer of IZOLIT SL on the gypsum. After the insulating layer has dried, you can start forming the methacrylate dough.


  • The brush used to coat the gypsum mold should not be immersed directly in the bottle with IZOLITEM SL, because gypsum residues deposited on it may cause gelling of the liquid in the bottle. For the same reason, do not pour the rest of the liquid from the dish into the bottle.

The storage conditions:

  • Contains bronopol. Keep locked up and out of reach of children.


  • 1 kg of liquid

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