• Anycubic EcoPrint 3D printer + starter kit
  • Anycubic EcoPrint 3D printer + starter kit
  • Anycubic EcoPrint 3D printer + starter kit
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Anycubic EcoPrint 3D printer + starter kit

Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with leading manufacturers of solutions for dental prosthetics, we have developed a new product for you:

EcoPrint: a system for economical printing of prosthetic models thanks to which:

  • You can print 6 models in up to 30 minutes.
  • You will achieve printing precision in 12K resolution.
  • You will optimize the costs of your business - the cost of printing a model is approximately PLN 6.
  • You will have the opportunity to print skeletal dentures.

The system includes:

  • Reconfigured printer - before delivery to your studio, each EcoPrint printer is reconfigured to meet the highest quality standards set for printers for precise prosthetic models.

  • Wash&Cure 2.0 washing and polymerization device - thanks to the use of this device, you can be sure that the printed models will undergo the appropriate post-processing procedure.

  • 2 kg of resin for EcoPrint Craftsman DLP models (beige color) - this is the resin we chose due to its unrivaled parameters (accuracy, sharp contours, printing speed).

  • Work accessories - everything you need to print your models right after receiving the EcoPrint set (cuvette, strainer for pouring resin, tweezers, masks, LCD thermometer/hygrometer)

  • Free implementation of the system in your studio/office - our consultant is waiting for your call, implementation will take only 30-45 minutes and thanks to it you will avoid failures and ensure excellent results already in the first prints. Dental tech. Patryk Baszuk will be happy to answer all your questions and help you run the EcoPrint system, patryk.baszuk@mikran.com tel. 798 748 738

  • Free after-sales support during the warranty period.

  • Post-warranty service.

  • Voucher for a free design of a frame denture in Exocad (we will design a frame denture for you free of charge and you can print and cast it)

  • 10% discount on Exocad courses offered by our Digital Training Laboratory.

EcoPrint advantages:

  • Low system price.
  • Very low operating costs (approx. PLN 6 for the model).
  • You will achieve printing precision in 12K resolution.
  • High repeatability of results.
  • Professional implementation and after-sales support.


  • EcoPrint 3D printer + starter kit.

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