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Videos : Bausch Arti-Fol 12µ BK 31 metallized foil

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Bausch Arti-Fol 12µ BK 31 metallized foil

Arti-Fol Metallic 12µ is a new High Tech control foil with significantly improved properties. This new control foil is a metalized polyester foil (Shimstock foil) with a low thickness of 12u. The new foil is characterized by very good dye transfer. Thanks to the metalized reverse side of the foil, it is easy to distinguish the side with the dye layer. Arti-Fol Metallic, thanks to its high tear strength and low material thickness, is perfect for checking proximal contact points when placing bridges or crowns.


  • On porcelain and polished metal surfaces, the contact points are clear.
  • Metallization largely eliminates the problem of static electricity.
  • Easy application without tweezers.
  • Very resistant to breaking.
  • Thickness 12μ.
  • Width 22mm.
  • Red color, one-sided.


  • 1 piece

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