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Exocad Basic course combined with scanning and milling demonstration (stationary course)

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Exocad Basic course combined with scanning and milling demonstration (stationary course)

Please contact us by phone to arrange an individual training date:

Introduction to digital prosthetics with Exocade.

A one-day introductory course for people starting or thinking about starting work in the CAD/CAM environment. The training is intended for dental technicians and prosthodontists.

During the course you will learn:


  • Digital workflow – scanning, design, production.
  • Benefits of introducing digitalization into your laboratory.
  • Exocad software capabilities.
  • Q&A


  • Introduction to digital prosthetics - demonstration of scanning on the Up3D prosthetic scanner.
  • Discussion of the Exocad interface and creation of a prosthetic patient card.
  • Designing a full-contour crown and a structure for a 3-unit veneered bridge.
  • Analysis of all design stages and discussion of good practices in preparing work for printing/milling.
  • Discussion of useful functions of the Expert mode on the example of a designed bridge.
  • Milling temporary crowns designed by students and mounting them on printed models.

After completing the course, each participant will receive a script of the issues discussed and a certificate of participation


  • 8:30 – 16:30

Maximum number of students:

  • 4

Organizer and place of training:

  • Digital Training Laboratory Mikran sp. z o. o. ul. Wojskowa 3/L4 60-792 Poznań tel. 61 847 58 58


  • engineer tech. dentist Damian Dunajewski certified Exocad trainer tel. 600-128-010

Product code 17054
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Exocad Basic course combined with scanning and milling demonstration (stationary course)

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Exocad® DentalCAD Elefsina 3.2 version CORE design software

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Exocad® DentalCAD Elefsina 3.2 version CORE design software

Exocad® DentalCAD Elefsina 3.2 (latest version: February 24, 2024) the most frequently chosen CAD software by laboratory scanner manufacturers. A great tool for beginners, which in the hands of experienced users offers enormous possibilities. The CORE license is for life and does not require an annual subscription fee.

EXOCAD has become famous in the CAD/CAM industry for its speed and ease of use, which significantly reduces implementation costs and maximizes productivity. It is a reliable and solid tool in everyday work, even in the most advanced cases.

Exocad software is sold in a modular system, but the basic CORE version offers enormous possibilities that will meet most everyday needs.

New features in Elefsina 3.2, greater automation and seamless integration:

As part of the basic module, you can design:

  • Anatomical and reduced frameworks
  • Anatomical and reduced crowns
  • Structures up to 16 points
  • Inlay/Onlay (also in bridges)
  • Veneers
  • Korony press
  • Works with waxup\u2019u and pre-op scans
  • Telescopes
  • Latches and bolts
  • Detection and marking of the preparation margin
  • Mirror image (specular)
  • Shape correction to the patient's own teeth

Additional modules:

  • Individual connectors and screw-on works
  • Implants

The module will allow you to design

  • Individual connectors
  • Screw-on crowns
  • Individual connectors and a bridge in one project
  • A rich library of implant systems included in the package.
  • Exocad user interface

Virtual articulator:

  • Dynamic occlusion determination.
  • Precise transfer of occlusion from articulators.
  • Adjusting parameters as in real articulators.
  • Predefined articulators from the most popular companies.
  • Possibility of cooperation with any articulator thanks to the open structure of the system.
  • Various types of articulators with automatic occlusion adjustment.
  • Beams: advanced beam designs, quick and intuitive design of standard beams, as well as the creation of individual, complex designs, will allow you to handle any case. Any beam shape.
  • Standard and individual locks, latches, bolts.
  • A wide selection of retention solutions.

Model creator:

  • Models ready for printing.
  • Create models based on impression scans or data from intraoral scanners.
  • Split models.
  • Monolithic models with movable posts.
  • Models with implant replicas.

Temporary works:

  • Temporary crowns and bridges.
  • Temporary crowns.


  • Relaxation splints and individual spoons.
  • Creating relaxation splints has never been so convenient. Design and send to production.
  • New: The module will soon be expanded with the ability to create individual impression trays.

  • Individual spoon.

  • Visualization of data from a tomograph.
  • The built-in DICOM file viewer allows you to recreate data from the tomograph when designing prosthetic restorations. The module enables data exchange (position of teeth and implants) with external programs.
  • Visualization of the image from a tomograph when designing.


  • Realistic rendering of projects.
  • Almost photorealistic graphics available at every stage of the project allow you to better visualize the final effect of the work. TruSmile technology can be successfully used by dentists for marketing purposes.
  • Realistic color selection.
  • Complete dentures.
  • Digitally designed prostheses.
  • A digital solution for traditional acrylic dentures. The program enables digital analysis of the model and, based on it, presents the suggested tooth positioning. The prosthesis prepared in this way can be ordered for 3D printing, milling or a combination of both methods.
  • Complete dentures.
  • Rich tooth library.
  • The standard version of the exocad system has a wide selection of teeth, but the user can purchase and use new designs at any time.
  • Skeletal prostheses.
  • The best solution in the industry


  • 1pcs USB drive

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Brand: Exocad
Exocad® DentalCAD Elefsina 3.2 version CORE design software

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Hinristone Saphir class IV plaster 5 kg Promotion Buy 5 pieces, pay for 4 pieces
Ehd / Siladent

18.43€ +vat

22.67€ incl tax

Hinristone Saphir class IV plaster 5 kg Promotion Buy 5 pieces, pay for 4 pieces


  • Buy 5 pieces (you can mix the color freely) and pay for 4 pieces.

Gip IV class Hinristone Saphir.

Extremely durable, hard plaster with a "snap-set" effect that allows you to remove the post (stump) and work on it after just 30 minutes.


  • Creamy but very flowing consistency
  • High trixotropic index
  • Low expansion
  • Excellent properties for CAD/CAM scanning
  • Homogeneous and delamination-free structure

Technical data:

  • Water to gypsum ratio: 20:100
  • Working time 6-7 min
  • Setting time 12-14 min
  • Bond expansion 0.08% after 2 hours
  • Compressive strength, dry: 90 MPa


  • Golden Brown
  • Grey.
  • Ivory.
  • Maize Yellow.


  • 5kg.

Product code 11147
Hinristone Saphir class IV plaster 5 kg Promotion Buy 5 pieces, pay for 4 pieces

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P53 Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

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21,985.39€ incl tax

P53 Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

Make an appointment for a free presentation in your studio/office:

Dental tech. Damian Dunajewski Consultant/CAD/CAM Specialist Tel.600 128 010

Dental tech. Kamil Wolniewicz Consultant/CAD/CAM Specialist Tel.530 596 166

P53, is a new intelligent UP3D dental milling machine, can mill 44 crowns at a time. A fully intelligent machine will help you save 35% of materials.


  • Fully integrated UP3D UPCAM control software, with a lifetime free license and updates, ensures reliable and safe operation of the device and full control over the quality of work performed - the system of automatic continuation of work from the moment it is interrupted at any time allows you to increase efficiency by up to 80%.
  • Automatic integrated lift start.
  • Tool life sensor.
  • 98.5 type disc holder (open system) - standardly built into the machine.
  • The half-moon disc holder allows for maximum use of the material and supports milling at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Automatic calibration.


  • Crowns.
  • Bridges.
  • Foundations.
  • Work on implants.
  • Complete dentures.

The device mills soft materials:

  • Zirconium.
  • Wax.
  • PEEK.
  • PMMA.
  • Gypsum.

Product specification:

  • Weight 79 kg
  • Dimensions 443.5 × 718 × 628.5 cm
  • Power 800 W
  • Spindle power 520W
  • Number of controlled axes 5
  • Tool magazine 11 pieces
  • Material PEEK, PMMA, Sintermetal, Zirconium oxide (Zr), Wax
  • Wet working No
  • Spindle speed 60,0000 rpm
  • CAD/CAM material storage Manual
  • Stepper motor axis drive
  • Handle diameter 4 mm


  • Possibility of free presentation of the milling machine in your workshop/office. Call us: +48 600 128 010or +48 530 596 166**


  • 1 piece

Product code 12550
Brand: Up3D
P53 Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

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P53DC Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

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28,647.64€ incl tax

P53DC Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

The latest milling machine from UP3D P53DC equipped with a disk changer is a real "game changer" for your workshop!

A fully automatic milling device, thanks to a large stock of disks and drills, can work for many hours unattended, increasing the productivity of your workshop and saving you time and money!

Distinctive device features:

  • Automatic calibration: the most convenient "smart control" system stands out from the competition.
  • Vertical Milling 90°: allows easy milling of incisal cavities in front teeth, improving aesthetics.
  • C-clamp disk holder: allows for more economical material consumption and 100% disk utilization.
  • Remote control:** enables milling 24 hours a day.

As part of the purchase, the manufacturer UP3D and guarantee:

  • Professional technical support and service 24/7.
  • 100% commitment and effective resolution of every request.
  • No license fees for using the UPCAM device and software after the warranty ends.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 720 x 875 x 630mm
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Air consumption: Cooling pressure: >0.5Mpa consumption: 40L/min
  • Number of axles: 5 axles
  • Disk storage: 12 disks
  • Tool magazine: 11 tools
  • Power: 220V/1.2KW
  • Optimal operating temperature: +15℃~+40℃ (we recommend warming up the machine for 1 hour before operation if the room temperature dropped below 0℃)
  • Vacuum: 1200m3/h, 1.5KW
  • Key parameters: Spindle power 750W, max speed: 60,000 rpm
  • Milling range: A: -35~30 B: ±360° Z: -47~50
  • Material type: round disks 98.5x max30 mm (block optional)
  • Compatible CAM systems: UPCAM, Millbox
  • Connection method: network cable
  • Mills materials: zirconium, wax, PMMA, composite material, peek co-cr (soft metal)


  • ul. Wojskowa 3/L4 60-792 Poznań, Possibility of free presentation of the scanner in your workshop/office. Call us: +48 600 128 010 or +48 530 596 166


  • 1 piece

Product code 7571
Brand: Up3D
P53DC Up3D zirconia milling machine - test it for free - call our representative!

23,290.76€ +vat29,533.65€

28,647.64€ incl tax

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Polyresin 2kg or 10kg
Ehd / Siladent

17.31€ +vat

21.29€ incl tax

Polyresin 2kg or 10kg

Antibacterial and odorless agent for pre-polishing acrylic dentures.

  • It is used in the same way as pumice, but Polyresin is 30% more abrasive.

  • The unique crystalline structure of the material allows for smoother pre-polishing of dentures and saves a lot of time when polishing to a high gloss.


  • 2kg or 10kg

Product code 5569
Polyresin 2kg or 10kg

17.31€ +vat

21.29€ incl tax