• Renfert-POWER steamer descaler (descaler) concentrate 1L
  • Renfert-POWER steamer descaler (descaler) concentrate 1L
  • Renfert-POWER steamer descaler (descaler) concentrate 1L

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Renfert-POWER steamer descaler (descaler) concentrate 1L

  • Power Steamer I and II steam generator descaler is the perfect solution for effective and gentle descaling.
  • Renfert catalog number 18450100


  • Descaling that is both effective and gentle on the material - the formula is specially adapted to the aluminum pressure tank (including corrosion protection).
  • Descaling much faster than standard commercial descaling solutions.

Step by step:

  • Unplug the device and let it cool down
  • Rinse the pressure tank with water and a cleaning brush
  • Close the service hole
  • Fill the pressure tank with 1 liter of water and then add 1 liter of Renfert POWER descaler
  • After 15 minutes, add another 0.6-0.8 l of water. If foam appears, continue filling only after the foam has subsided
  • Leave the descaling solution for 2-4 hours for light soiling and 8-14 hours for heavy soiling.
  • Open the service port and drain the descaling solution
  • The used descaling solution can be poured down the drain if it is highly diluted
  • Rinse the pressure tank several times with water and clean with a brush


  • 1l

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