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Videos : Zetaplus Intro Kit (Zetaplus + Oranwash + Indurent)

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Zetaplus Intro Kit (Zetaplus + Oranwash + Indurent)

The kit consists of the following materials:

  • Zetaplus material intended for the first layer of a two-layer impression. Mass with increased hardness and resistance to deformation. It is a C-silicone produced on the basis of special spheroidal fillers, which facilitate the flow of the mass to hard-to-reach places in the prosthetic field. High final hardness is a unique advantage in the technique of two-layer two-time impression. In the technique of two-layer one-shot impression, the material is adapted to the consistency of the correction layer with a lower viscosity.

  • Oranwash L- (condensing) silicone with high fluidity. Due to the short time of working and taking an impression, it is recommended as a corrective mass in the technique of two-layer impressions. It is recommended to use Zetaplus as the base mass.

  • Indurent Gel is a universal catalyst for the base mass and correction mass type C. Indurent can be used for almost all condensation silicones produced by the Zhermack company (except for the impression materials of the Zetaflow line).


  • Zetaplus 900 ml.
  • Oranwsh 140 ml.
  • Indurent Gel 60 ml.

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