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Videos : Orthoprint - alginate mass for impressions


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Orthoprint - alginate mass for impressions

Orthoprint alginate mass is intended for impressions in orthodontics in the preparation of removable appliances. Orthoprint is a monochromatic alginate mass that has a delicate vanilla scent. Its main purpose is to take impressions in the performance of partial and skeletal dentures, removable orthodontic appliances and for making impressions for the preparation of diagnostic models. Thanks to packaging without access to air, its service life has been significantly extended - it can be stored without loss of properties for up to 5 years (with the packaging closed).

The alginate mass is very flexible and has a short setting time in the oral cavity, which makes working with it as comfortable as possible for the dentist and minimally invasive for the patient. The delicate aftertaste of vanilla soothes the gag reflex, and the mass does not melt in the mouth. Orthoprint also has thixotropic properties.

The mass does not contain heavy metals, absorbs water very quickly and is easy to mix. The consistency of the non-spraying powder makes it easier to work with the product.


  • High flexibility.
  • Short setting time in the mouth: 45 sec.
  • Total setting time: approx. 1 min. 50 sec.
  • Vanilla fragrance.
  • It prevents gag reflex.



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