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Effegi Brega - Nebulizer Nubes + Iginubes liquid 5l
Effegi Brega

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Effegi Brega - Nebulizer Nubes + Iginubes liquid 5l

NUBES is a nebuliser designed and built by Effegi Brega in accordance with the directives 2006/42 / CE, 2014/35 / EU, 2014/30 / EU. Completely "Made in Italy", it has a special electronic control system that nebulizes the Iginubes mixture. IGINUBES hygiene agent for rooms. Thanks to the Nubes device, it can be sprayed in the room in the absence of the operator. In order to test the effectiveness of NUBES and IGINUBES, a microbiological test was carried out in accordance with the UNI EN 13697: 201 standard by LABANALYSIS: a laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Health to conduct chemical, chemical-physical tests, microbiological tests of medical surgical devices in relation to the type of disinfectants or substances marketed as bactericides and bactericides. IGINUBES is a hygienic blend of water, isopropanol and quaternary ammonium compounds for use and recommended for equipment, surfaces and rooms. The solution complies with the directives of the European Regulation EC / CE No. 1272/2008, is low-toxic and does not require a symbol of danger on the label. It complies with the hazardous materials regulations of the road (ADR) or aviation (ICAO / IATA), and therefore is not subject to transport restrictions.

By placing NUBES in the center of the room and respecting the time and mode of operation, the device reduces:

  • 99.99% reduction of P.aeruginosa ATCC 15442

  • 99.99% reduction of S. aureus ATCC 6538

  • 99.99% reduction of E. coli ATCC 8739

  • 99.99% reduction of E.hirae ATCC 10541

  • 96.00% reduction of A.brasiliensis ATCC 16404

  • Minimal active substance residues on nebulized surfaces

  • It should be noted that quaternary ammonium compounds are effective against corona viruses, e.g. as detected by EPA (US government body) and ISS (Higher Institutes of Health).

  • Less than two minutes to activate the device in the evening, when the operator leaves the working environment.


  • Works in the absence of the operator and turns off when nebulization is complete.

  • In the morning, a blue light indicates that the cycle is complete.

  • After the full cycle (nebulization + 12-hour delay), the room is accessible without PPE, it is enough to ventilate it.

  • The operator can hygienically clean up to 120 cubic meters (40 m2 at H = 3 meters).

  • Hygiene system tested by a class 3 laboratory.

  • It has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

  • Each unit comes with a free 5 liter IGINUBES tank.

Packaging: Nubes device + 5 l Iginubes Liquid

Product Code: 15196
Effegi Brega - Nebulizer Nubes + Iginubes liquid 5l

749.90€ +vat

922.38€ incl tax

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