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Formlabs Form 3 B Printer - Dental version

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Formlabs Form 3 B Printer - Dental version

Impressive precision with every print, version B with a full license for professional dental resins.

Formlabs has developed a new version of the SLA technology to achieve even better results in printing with photopolymer resins. Formlabs Form 3 3D printer uses LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) technology, which ensures even higher precision of production with increased printing speed. Thanks to the reduced laser spot to 85 micrometers, we can achieve unrivaled accuracy of mapping every detail. In turn, built-in sensors monitor the operation of the device and maintain constant conditions during printing, which guarantees repeatability of production. Get the unparalleled precision of 3D printing in even less time.

printing technology:

Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)

working area:

145 × 145 × 185 mm

layer height:

25 - 300 microns

laser spot size:

85 microns

Smooth surface of prints The support structures are even thinner, so that the models have a smooth surface. Easier removal of supports also means shorter processing time of prints.

More accurate representation of details. The improved optical system controls a laser beam with a size of 85 micrometers. This ensures exceptional precision and quality of detail reproduction.

SLA technology in a new edition Developed by Formlabs LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) technology allows you to print with much greater precision compared to other SLA 3D printers.

Complete ecosystem The Form 3 3D printer is compatible with PreForm software, Formlabs resins, the worktable used in Form 2, and the Form Wash and Form Cure post-processing equipment.

Convenient file transfer Upload print projects via Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet. Conveniently manage your prints on the 5.5 inch touch screen.

Technical support You can count on our help at the stage of choosing a 3D printer, as well as after the purchase. We provide professional training, technical support and post-warranty care.

Product Code: 11977
Brands Formlabs
Formlabs Form 3 B Printer - Dental version

3,884.69€ +vat5,309.08€

4,778.17€ incl tax

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