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Videos : Ips PressVEST Premium Powder 100g

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Ips PressVEST Premium Powder 100g

Product description:

  • IPS PressVest Premium is a universal phosphate investment (type 1, class 1 and 2) that can be used with ceramic stamping materials in Ivoclar Vivadent furnaces.
  • It can be used both in the speed heating procedure and in the conventional procedure.

"Speed" heat-up procedure:

  • The ring is placed in a furnace heated to its final temperature and then transferred to a pressing furnace after a certain time.

Conventional annealing procedure:

  • The ring is placed in a non-heated oven (room temperature) and heated to its final temperature as recommended. After the specified time, the ring is transferred to a pressing furnace.


  • IPS Press VEST Premium can be used with the following pressing ceramics for the Ivoclar Vivadent furnaces

  • IPS e.max Press

  • IPS e.max ZirPress
  • IPS InLine PoM (Press- on Metal)


  • Store at 12-28 ° C
  • Store the powder in a dry place
  • Do not store the liquid at temperatures below +5 ° C (because of its sensitivity to low temperatures!). If the fluid freezes over, it becomes unusable due to crystallization.

Temperature at which the material can be used:

  • Ambient temperature 18 ° C - max. 23 ° C.
  • Temperature significantly deviating from this range may significantly affect the setting process.
  • Lower ambient temperature slows down the chemical process.
  • Higher ambient temperature accelerates the chemical process (from 23 - 28 ° C, the liquid with water can be cooled down to 12 ° C.

Mixing ratio:

  • By diluting the liquid, it is possible to control the expansion of the investment material, which influences the fit of the pressed restoration. The concentration of the liquid is expressed in%. Important: The ratio of the amount of mixed liquid (liquid to investment material + distilled water) depends on the amount of powder and must be strictly adhered to.

  • 100 g of powder: 26 ml of liquid (investment liquid + distilled water)

  • 200 g powder: 52 ml liquid (investment liquid + distilled water)
  • 300 g of powder: 78 ml of liquid (investment fluid + distilled water)

The following information on fluid concentrations is only a guide and may be adjusted according to the work size and mixing conditions. Do not dilute the fluid below 50%!



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