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Videos : Villacryl Ortho powder 500g colorless


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Villacryl Ortho powder 500g colorless


  • Villacryl Ortho is a colorless acrylic material for low-temperature pressure polymerization, intended for the production of removable orthodontic appliances by pouring powder on the model and soaking with monomer (salt and pepper method) and for repairing orthodontic appliances.


  • Possibility of individual creation of a color of any saturation
  • Economical, just add dye to get a variety of colors
  • Low absorption of fluids from the oral cavity
  • Biologically neutral
  • Thanks to the quick gelation, the mass does not flow off the plaster model
  • Perfect transparency of the acrylic mass
  • Easy to prepare and process
  • Solubility <5 * µg / mm3

Technical data:

  • Polymerization process 20 min. 50-60 ° C 2 bar
  • Fracture strength> 50 * MPa
  • Sorption <32 * µg / mm3


  • 500 g.

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