• Envision TEC D4K PRO printer
  • Envision TEC D4K PRO printer
  • Envision TEC D4K PRO printer
  • Envision TEC D4K PRO printer

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Envision TEC D4K PRO printer

We present the D4K Pro, a 4K desktop 3D printer with the highest resolution dedicated to the dental industry.

EnvisionTEC's D4K Pro provides the highest print speed for a standard DLP printer and delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K Pro is built on an industrial 4K DLP projector that guarantees stable operation for many years. D4K Pro is compatible with all EnvisionTEC DLP resins for the dental industry, providing the necessary solutions for applications, from models to full dentures and everything in between.

Designed for doctors' offices and small laboratories, the D4K Pro is the latest in the industry, delivered by the original inventors of DLP 3D printing technology. EnvisionTEC has been a leader in dental 3D printing since 2003 thanks to hardware and material innovations that have revolutionized the dental and orthodontic industry.


  • platform size: 148 x 83 x 110 mm
  • base accuracy in the XY axis 50 µm
  • accuracy "increased" in the XY axis 25 µm
  • accuracy in the Z axis 1 µm
  • light wavelength: 385 nm
  • print layer thickness (dynamic): 15 - 150 µm


  • open system - all compatible resins can be used
  • intelligent closed-cycle printing system minimizes surface flaking
  • remote monitoring of print progress
  • an industrial UV led projector was used, which guarantees reliability and repeatability
  • suitable for use in a work environment requiring 24/7 use
  • easy change of material used
  • User-friendly Envision One RP software for quick and easy model design, automatically generating "supports".

On the EnvisionTEC printer you can print from resins:

  • E-Guard - Biocompatible, crystal clear material for precision bite splints

  • E-partial - Material for casting perfectly fitting skeletal dentures

  • Press-E-Cast - Material to be used in the press technique. Wax-filled photopolymer material for printing 3D cast parts with extreme dimensional accuracy and exceptional surface finish.

  • E-Denstone - A material specially developed for the rapid production of highly accurate, scanable dental models

  • E-Model Light DLP - Printing of prototype and final models

  • NextDent C&B MFH - Material for dental crowns and bridges

  • NextDent Gingiva Mask - Creates flexible gingival masks for use in conjunction with 3D printed dental models.

  • NextDent Ortho IBT - Orthodontic trays for indirect bonding

  • NextDent Denture 3D + - Biocompatible material for direct 3D printing of pink denture bases

  • E-OrthoShape - material for the rapid production of models for use in orthodontics (clear-aligner therapies)

  • E-SepFree - material for making orthodontic appliances - does not require insulation - does not adhere to acrylic

  • E-Tray - 3D printing material for the production of individual impression trays.

  • E-Guide - Biocompatible material for precision surgical drills

  • E-Dent 1000 - coming soon!

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