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Opalescence PF Dr Kit

Opalescence 10% 16%:

  • improved formula prevents the occurrence of hypersensitivity
  • prevents the formation of caries and promotes remineralization of enamel
  • Various flavors, concentrations and types of packaging available for patient and physician convenience

The improved formula of Opalescence PF (potassium nitrate, fluoride) preparations based on carbamide peroxide, additionally containing fluoride and potassium nitrate - against hypersensitivity, increases the comfort of treatment. The addition of potassium nitrate and fluorine ion allows you to eliminate or significantly reduce hypersensitivity during whitening. The pH value of Opalescence is approximately 6.5 (close to neutral). The preparation contains 20% water, which reduces the risk of tooth dehydration.

Opalescence 10% PF and 16% PF are rather used for overnight overlay whitening or for several hours of therapy during the day. The preparations are available in three types: mint, watermelon and unflavoured.

In order to carry out the treatment with the Opalescence overlay method, the doctor takes impressions, allowing for the preparation of special, individual overlays on the teeth for each patient. The transparent, comfortable and flexible cover ensures the safety of whitening during sleep and is imperceptible during the day. The inserts are made by a technician using a vacuum former. On the model, the technician uses the blocking resin provided in the kit to make reservoirs that increase the effectiveness of the therapy by increasing the amount of whitening gel contained in the overlay. The dentist gives the patient syringes with Opalescence gel, explains how to apply it to the overlays and how long to put them on. At home, the patient simply places the pad filled with gel on the teeth and leaves it overnight or for several hours during the day. Usually the treatment takes about a week. The treatment is very safe for the patient, the latest studies have shown that Opalescence PF preparations contribute to the remineralization of enamel and prevent the formation of caries. Once the tray is in place, the gel remains active for 8 to 10 hours. The teeth are brightened after the first night. Prosthetic restorations (e.g. crowns and bridges) and fillings are not whitened. If necessary, after the color has stabilized (which usually takes two weeks), the dentist may replace them by selecting the appropriate lighter color. During whitening, a few percent of patients experience a temporary tooth sensitivity to cold, which subsides within one to three days after the end of the treatment. The dentist may recommend a special preparation (Ultra Ez) to minimize its symptoms. Opalescence gel is packed in small syringes of approx. 1.2 ml containing a single dose of the preparation.


  • Single Patient Kits (DR KIT) containing 8 Opalescence syringes, an overlay box, Opalescence toothpaste, 2 vinyl pads, LC Block Out Resin for overlays and a cosmetic bag;

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