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Videos : Renfert-occlutec - occlusive tracing paper, spray green PROMOTION Buy 6 pieces and get Free


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Renfert-occlutec - occlusive tracing paper, spray green PROMOTION Buy 6 pieces and get Free

Occlusal tracing paper Occlutec 75 ml green - promotion buy 6 pieces, get 1 free

Function & Operation:

  • Occlutec clearly and in detail marks inaccuracies in crowns and bridges as well as skeletal dentures.


  • Particular selectivity.
  • Optimum dosing thanks to dry spray technology.
  • A homogeneous layer of sprayed material regardless of how full the container is.

Occlutec offers a detailed and clear marking of defects in partial dentures, crowns and bridges. Thanks to the supplied tips for spraying the surface (transparent tip) and for spot marking (green tip), we can adjust the width of the carbon stream. Thanks to this, we can use it for various purposes. Occlutec tracing paper is very fine, homogeneous and perfectly covering, so in most cases it is enough to use it once. In addition, the technician maintains full control over the thickness of the carbon layer. All these positives were obtained by the development of dry-spraying techniques, preventing uneven application levels. The already advantageous price-quality ratio has been further improved by the saving in material due to better hiding of the pigments and the application of a homogeneous thin layer of carbon paper. We remove the tracing paper very quickly with steam. Occlutec comes in the two most popular colors, red and green


1pc / 75 ml

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