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Videos : VarseoVest P plus 300g investment material

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VarseoVest P plus 300g investment material

VarseoVest P plus, intended for embedding 3D printed frame denture structures.


  • Perfect fit and smooth surfaces of cast objects.
  • Excellent flow properties and long processing times enable easy coating.
  • Great time savings in the heating process; placing in a preheated oven after 20 minutes at a temperature of 800-950 °C.
  • High resistance of the investment material - the joints do not tear or crack despite the expansion of the plastic.
  • Varseo Vest P is characterized by less dust formation during processing, which contributes to a significant reduction in harmful quartz and cristobalite dust in the laboratory.
  • Cures while maintaining edge stability, good release.
  • Clear expansion control with the special BegoSol ® K mixing fluid ensures reproducible fitting results.

Physical data:

  • Preparation time: approx. 4 min 40 sec.
  • Flow properties: 145 mm.
  • Linear thermal expansion: 0.9%.
  • Compression resistance: approx. 8 MPa.


  • 1pc/300g

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