• Chamber furnace for zirconium sintering NT ZIR-2 KXP4.1 R
  • Chamber furnace for zirconium sintering NT ZIR-2 KXP4.1 R
  • Chamber furnace for zirconium sintering NT ZIR-2 KXP4.1 R
  • Chamber furnace for zirconium sintering NT ZIR-2 KXP4.1 R

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Chamber furnace for zirconium sintering NT ZIR-2 KXP4.1 R


The price includes delivery and installation in your laboratory:

NT ZIR-2 is a universal laboratory chamber furnace designed for precise, widely understood thermal treatment, including sintering of zirconia ceramics. The furnace uses high-quality insulating refractory materials and four spiral silicon carbide heating elements with a unique crystalline structure and long service life. The furnace is equipped with comprehensive automation which ensures the correct course of the process, protects the heaters against excessive heat load and ensures quick heating of the chamber.

Thanks to the special design of the chamber, high adjustment accuracy and controlled cooling, the NT ZIR-2 furnace enables the sintering process to be carried out in accordance with technological requirements. The sintered elements obtain optimal density and high mechanical strength parameters.


  • Heating chamber capacity 1.9 dm3.
  • Maximum temperature of continuous operation 1550°C.
  • Four durable silicon carbide heating elements ensure even temperature distribution in the heating chamber.
  • Double ventilated stainless steel housing for low external surface temperature.
  • Multi-layer, energy-saving insulation of the chamber with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Door switch - disconnecting the power supply to the heaters and protecting the user against electric shock.
  • Closed thermocouple with increased durability and high accuracy.
  • Heater control system characterized by quiet operation,
  • Fast heating rate (reaches 1400°C after 45 minutes).
  • Overheating protection in case of thermocouple failure.
  • Stove operating hours counter.

Technical data:

  • Furnace chamber width 115mm, height 110mm, depth 150mm.
  • External dimensions: width 515mm, height 353mm, depth 444mm.
  • Weight 35 kg.
  • temperature max. 1550 °C.
  • Power supply 230V 50Hz.
  • power max. 2700W
  • Granular and fibrous insulation materials.
  • Double vented stainless steel housing.
  • Thermocouple temperature sensor in ceramic sheath PtRh10-Pt (type S).

KXP4.1 R controller parameters:

  • Temperature setting range: 150°C - 1550°C.
  • Temperature indication range: 20°C - 1560°C.
  • Stop times: from 0 min to 9h 59min.
  • Program. heating rate: from 1 to 65 [°C/min].
  • Program. cooling rate: from -1 to -65 [°C/min].
  • Temperature indication error: +/-3°C.
  • Time accuracy: +/-0.4%.
  • signaling energized chamber: yes
  • signaling thermocouple opening: yes
  • Machine. overshoot reduction: yes
  • Memory back-up mechanism: battery-free.


  • Bake with a controller.
  • A cuvette with a lid for sintering (internal diameter x height: 90x35mm), and pearls (100g, size: 1mm).

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