• G-Cam Multichroma graphene-reinforced composite discs 98x20 mm
  • G-Cam Multichroma graphene-reinforced composite discs 98x20 mm
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G-Cam Multichroma graphene-reinforced composite discs 98x20 mm

Graphene-reinforced composite discs for milling in CAD/CAM systems. Thanks to graphene, G-CAM improves its strength in relation to its weight. The density of the material is low, making the prosthesis light.

Physical properties:

  • Modulus of elasticity > 3200 MPa.
  • Bending strength > 140 MPa.
  • Hardness 88 Shore.
  • Water absorption: 4 μg/mm3.
  • Residual monomer <0.004%.


  • Natural appearance of the restoration.
  • The high glass transition temperature (Tg) prevents softening and distortion during use and cleaning of the restorations.
  • Graphene improves the dimensional stability of polymers for dental use, which allows dental prostheses to maintain their shape for a very long time.
  • Graphene also has high electrical conductivity to maintain a healthy oral mucosa.
  • Graphene is waterproof and stable, does not allow plaque to accumulate, and thanks to closed pores, no dirt accumulates or discoloration occurs.
  • The G-CAM disc is characterized by high abrasion resistance, which prevents excessive wear when cleaning dentures or eating food.
  • The hardened material is neither irritating nor toxic to the patient. The G-CAM disc has undergone cytotoxicity and genetic testing conducted by the University of Alcalá and the Valencian Institute of Microbiology (IVAMI).
  • In vitro cytotoxicity test. ISO 10993-5:2009 standard.
  • Reverse test for bacterial mutations. ISO 10993-3:2014 and OECD 471:1997.
  • It is antiallergic.
  • It has a bacteriostatic effect. Graphene does not allow bacteria or fungi to grow.


  • The graphene composite disc can be used in all prosthetic restorations.
  • Crowns.
  • 3-point bridges.
  • Bridges on > 2 implants
  • Outlays.
  • Veneers.
  • Complete dentures.
  • Temporary restorations.


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