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Videos : Mesa - Magnum Hyperone Ti disc 98.5x12mm PROMOTION

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Mesa - Magnum Hyperone Ti disc 98.5x12mm PROMOTION

MESA MAGNUM HYPERONE Titanium-based milling discs for Mesa 98.5mm open systems.

They are characterized by high biocompatibility. Manufactured in accordance with ASTM F136.

Percentage chemical composition:

  • Ti 90%
  • Al 6%
  • V 4%
  • Fe others

The minimum thickness of the structure is 0.3mm for simple structures and 0.5mm for more complicated cases or for patients with bruxism. Avoid sharp angles. Separate the milled structures from the disc with tungsten carbide drill bits or titanium grinding wheels. Clean with acetone or bioalcohol to eliminate any oiliness. After finishing the treatment, the product should be sandblasted with aluminum oxide from 110 to 150 microns under a maximum pressure of 2-3 bar, and then steam cleaned. After cleaning the product, handle it with forceps.

Physical and Mechanical Properties:

  • Density: 4.426 g / cm3
  • Melting point: 1605-1660 ° C
  • Melting point: 1710 ° C
  • Unit yield point: 880 MPa
  • Percent elongation at break: 14%
  • Modulus of elasticity: 114 GPa
  • Vickers hardness: 312 HV10


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