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Videos : 5050 ASA Dental articulator - NEW MODEL

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5050 ASA Dental articulator - NEW MODEL

The 5050 is a medium value non-Arcon articulator designed to help dental technicians meet dentists' high precision requirements regardless of prosthetic technique. Light, stable and ergonomic design makes it easy to configure and work on any model. Additional features guarantee an accurate simulation of the condylar path with a high accuracy of fit, providing the prosthesis and restorations with the necessary occlusion and function over the entire range of mandibular movements.

The 5050 can comfortably work with many different sizes of prostheses and any electronic pressure polymerizers on the market. Designed for optimal ergonomics, it provides complete stability when the technician is comfortable working at a 60 ° angle or upside down for class III edentulous patients. The anti-rotation system for the incisal bar ensures that positioning is always correct and accurate, and the back locking systems allow the bar to be removed and the incisors can work comfortably. When a technician requires you to start from one of the top arcs, the mounting plate helps regardless of the arch size with a clear indication of elliptical references.


  • 60 ° stable operation for the technician's convenience
  • ideal for class III patients
  • compatible with any pressure polymerizer
  • anti-rotation system for the incisal rod
  • template with 4 elliptical references for lower arch models
  • occlusal table with 4 elliptical references to upper arch models
  • support bar for opening 180 °


  • intervertebral distance 110 mm
  • condyle inclination fixed at 30 °
  • Bennett angle 0-7 °
  • inclination of the incisal table of 10 °
  • distance between mounting the mounting plates 87mm
  • opening 180 °


  • 1 piece.

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