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Wiedent Classic Teeth Sides 8pcs Promotion Super Price

CLASSIC acrylic teeth are intended for the fabrication of removable dentures. They are offered in 19 styles in 9 colors of the universal color range V.- A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, C2, C3, D3. Like natural teeth, they have a fluorescent effect. They are made of two layers (dentin and enamel). The hardness of the enamel is comparable to the hardness of natural teeth. The dentine layer is softer in order to provide flexibility and good bonding between the tooth and the mass on the denture plates. In order to ensure a good bond between the tooth and the mass on the denture plates, the side teeth have a recess. Before embedding the teeth in the mass on the denture plates, remove the wax with boiling water and degrease the teeth with acrylic monomer to prevent them from falling out of the denture plate after polymerization. The teeth withstand temperatures of up to 100 ° C and after hot polymerization, when bonded to the denture base, they retain a shiny surface that can be easily polished.

Sides 14 U / L 16 U / L 33 U / L 36U / L cusps 0-9 degrees Sides 52 U / L 54 U / L 55 U / L 57 U / L cusps 20-23 degrees

CLASSIC teeth meet the requirements of international standards PN EN ISO 22112 and PN EN ISO 7491.


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