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Villacryl Thermo Press 250g

Villacryl Thermo Press is a polyamide-based thermoplastic. It is dedicated to all settling dentures, such as: full dentures, partial dentures, micro dentures, as well as retention elements in skeletal dentures, retention splints and space maintainers.


  • Microcrystalline structure
  • Working on a 4th grade plaster model
  • No residual MMA monomer
  • Available colors 0, T2, T3, T4


  • Easy processing and polishing
  • Low absorption of fluids from the oral cavity
  • Optimal flexibility and hardness of the prosthesis
  • Biocompatible dyes
  • Possibility to use most injection molding machines available on the market

Technical data:

*According to EN ISO 20795-1:2013 "Dentistry - Polymers for base plates - Part 1: Polymers for base plates of dentures" (technical data)

  • Injection temperature 275-285 °C
  • Melting time 15-24 min. ( Small cartridge 15 min. Medium cartridge 20 min. Large cartridge 24 min.)
  • Injection pressure 6.0-9.0 bar
  • Pressure holding time approx. 3 min.
  • Cooling time minimum 15 minutes.


  • 250g

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